Taking control

Look at your goals longingly, like a child so hungry for bread. That your mind goes halter skelter but your patience never fled. Don’t stop someplace shady and cool. Run in the sun feel it in your bones. Let your mind constantly think and ponder because the mind, the funny mind, rebels at stagnation. Bask... Continue Reading →


Refuse to sink

Existing and surviving never living and thriving. Like fine threads struggle to get through a small needle, this rat race doesn’t get any simpler. When you think you’re about to fall off the brink, carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and just refuse to sink. ~holding on tightly

It’s okay…

I’m going to let you know, it’s okay. It’s okay to fail sometimes because when else will you learn from your mistakes? And it’s okay to sometimes think about yourself and not always brighten another’s life. Even the sun’s rays need to be shadowed by the darkness for it to rise brighter the next day.... Continue Reading →

Small town

I’ve been to that place a few times now It carries the soft and fragile scent Where the sound of the leaves of trees rubbing against each other becomes so distinct. Here, the sun affects the way the coconut trees look and here, those same trees affect the way the moon looks. This place has... Continue Reading →


It is not up to me when you bolt out that door, Because I don’t find it my duty to please your mind.   Because you didn’t even try to glue the pieces of that vase together. And I blame you that it doesn’t hold beautiful flowers anymore.   When it gets too much to... Continue Reading →

Life’s too short

Take in the smell of the wet pavement on a rainy morning and enjoy the good hair days. Stay strong and all your problems, instantly, the universe will care take. And for a second, just for a fraction, get your head out of your phones and the long worn facade of disguise. To look at... Continue Reading →


  Winning doesn't know what losing  looks like, Pride doesn't know what humility looks like, Hatred doesn't know what love looks like and darkness doesn't know what light looks like. Appearances are often given importance by those who don't know what humanity looks like. Like masks of burlap, we wrap our faces in that ugly... Continue Reading →

Words and Letters

Kindness, an eight letter word, I first discovered in the browns of my mothers eyes. Courage, a seven letter word, I first discovered in my mother’s heart that melts a little every time I smile. Giving, a six letter word, I first discovered in the calloused fingertips of my mothers palms. Trust, a five letter... Continue Reading →

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